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Don’t Leave Me Blue - by Jackson Emmer I thought we had a good thing trust was all around. Now you’ve gone and burned our sweet love to the ground. I knew this day was coming But hoped it wasn’t true. Don’t leave me lonesome. Don’t leave me blue. Don’t turn me loose Don’t break my heart Don’t leave me scrambling for a brand new start. Don’t leave me searching for a love so true. Don’t leave me lonesome Don’t leave me blue. We used to hit the town about eight nights a week. Now you’re out with another and I can hardly sleep. You told me that it’s over I can’t believe it’s true. Don’t leave me lonesome. Don’t leave me blue. Chorus Bridge Don’t leave me lonesome, Over here. I’ma howlin’ at the moon, with the lovesick blues I’ma cryin’ in my beer. Chorus
Dreamers and Fools - by John Lilly and Jackson Emmer She plays the guitar, writes her own songs. Her kids and her girlfriends they all sing along. She’ll be on the Opry before very long, Thank God for Dreamers and Fools. Thank God for Dreamers and Fools like you and me hopeless romantics, wild-eyed wannabes Taking their chances and breaking the rules, Thank God for Dreamers and Fools. For thirty-five years he had managed the store Then he got fired, then got a divorce. Now he’s moving to Fiji and buying a horse, Thank God for Dreamers and Fools. Chorus He was a dachshund, and she a great dane. How they will manage is hard to explain. But where there’s a will there is always a way. Thank God for Dreamers and Fools. Chorus
At The Bottle Again - by Jackson Emmer and Mark Kilianski stop me if you’ve heard this one, i’m at the bottle again wound up, low down laying in a gutter with my only friend i’ve got fifteen sours to my name and i ain’t gonna pay no rent stop me if you’ve heard this one i’m at the bottle again walked into the double crown on a rainy monday night some folks call it living in sin, i call it living right. don’t answer to no one or tell ‘em where i’ve been, stop me if you’ve heard this one i’m at the bottle again —— drinking and a’ gamblin’ and a’ running around i do just what i want i may not spend it pretty but the money’s all my own. gonna stop and sit down at the bar have me one or ten stop me if you’ve heard this one i’m at the bottle again ——— it may sound familiar it may break your heart. i don’t need to make a home, i’m living bar to bar. i don’t give a good god damn if you don’t comprehend. stop me if you’ve heard this one i’m at the bottle again
Flowers 03:11
Flowers - by Jackson Emmer and Olivia Siegel You don’t get home quick and hold me tight. What kind of man works late on a Saturday night? I got all gussied up, but what for? Cause you don’t bring me flowers anymore. You don’t bring me flowers anymore. You don’t steal a kiss on the ol’ dance floor. We only go on dates to the hardware store, cause you don’t bring me flowers anymore. Better days surely came and went. Now we’re just a’fussin’ ‘bout the rent. I used to have the blues, and you my cure. But you don’t bring me flowers anymore. Chorus Late last night I peered into your dreams, no not a single one included me. So finally, I’m walking out your door Cause you don’t bring me flowers anymore. Chorus
Hold Me 04:27
Hold Me - by Jackson Emmer timid as a high school dance shaking like a leaf on a tree first kiss was the first thing on the list for you and me. now that it's gone tension has moved on you've got an easy way of laying hands on me hold me, hold me, when the sun goes down. doesn’t matter how you count. was it days or years? sometimes people feel like angels others, wild steers desert stars and cowboy bars highways ‘cross the plains. you can take me anywhere, you're the rails, and i'm the train. chorus every night our little toes tango ‘low the sheets sure, the blanket's working fine but i prefer your heat now that you’re near tell it in my ear true love’s hit me once before but now the feeling's clear chorus
Hot Mess 03:37
Hot Mess - by Jackson Emmer i want you, but you turned me down. said you’ve got another lover, and he’s sticking around. he don’t make you happy, but nothing does. you’re a hot mess, honey and I’m so in love. - say you want to be friends and nothing more. but you keep me on the phone ’til a quarter to four. got me on my knees like a lowdown dog, I love you honey, don’t string me along. - tell me all the ways he’s letting you down. i’m here for you now, and i’m sticking around. Tell me mama have you heard the news? I’m datin’ round town just to get to you.
Jukebox 03:42
Jukebox - by Jackson Emmer I miss the old days with a jukebox on. Plastic buttons play your favorite song. Nostalgia is here to stay. The world was sweet, yesterday. Atari, Mario- Wasted days oh how the time would go. What a shame! What a shame! The old folks say, we used to have some fun back in the good ole’ days. Do you remember passing time? Do you remember what you could get for a dime? Many moons have come around since first I heard the juke-juke sound. Fall in love, or change the world- sparked by the juke givin’ records a twirl. Do you remember passing time? Do you remember what you could get for a dime? Traveled far, traveled wide. Still never had a boss I liked. Kick my feet up at the end of the day, listen to the songs that jukebox play. I miss the old days with a jukebox on. Plastic buttons play your favorite song. Nostalgia is here to stay. The world was sweet, yesterday.
Making Eggs 03:57
Making Eggs - by Jackson Emmer I bet you know that person who woke up in second grade, i know what i’m doing with my life, and all today they often study latin foreign policy and kant, color coded planners they work for what they want oh dang. so self assured. they plan their life and death just as soon as they are born. oh dang. i’m on the skids. you woke up and changed the world, while i’m just making eggs. some folks work for paychecks some just work for love. i’m stuck in the middle, counting singles, stacking ones their brains are always turning like the hands of grandpa’s clock. inching towards a grand design they know just what they want. chorus from tiburon to texas, i’ve seen some things, i guess. some folks have the fire some folks are just a mess. don’t let it bring you down don’t let if break your yoke. better living as an ember than to just go up in smoke.
My Love For You Texas - by Jackson Emmer send for my mother, tell her it’s true. i’m moving to Texas please, don’t be blue. down to el paso south to big bend, back up to marfa i’ll rest in midland. I grew up rambling, looking for home i think i’ve found it sing, yipee kai yo oh what a vision! oh what a state! my love for you, Texas, grows bigger each day. some folks are lucky, born where they belong. others must find it if it takes all life long. i’ve had enough of cold weather and pines. take me to Texas and show me the sky. chorus willie and lyle, bob wills and the boys, music from texas always brings me joy. let’s not forget the others we love: beyonce, joe ely selena and ZZ son volt and hopkins mendoza, scott joplin. george jones and george strait and flaco jimenez and REK and SRV and TVZ and leadbelly t bone walker and gene autry and waylon, janis, buddy, bopper, mance and tex, and gary clark jr, norah jones, stoney larue, meat loaf, and st vincent, reverend horton heat, roy orbison, and erykah badu! chorus
Time 04:39
Time - by Jackson Emmer and Olivia Siegel Times they are ‘a changin’ Bobby said it best. Cadillacs and two-cent coke, cowboys way out west. Seems the past and present are going toe to toe. I cannot slow the hands of time, feels good letting go. Time. Time, time, time’ll wear you thin. Time. Time, time, time it always wins. Take a walk on main street. You’ll see what I mean. The lousy side of town is lately rolling in the green. Life here once was simple and the neighbors said hello. Now everyone’s narcissus at the mercy of their phone. Time. Time, time, time’ll wear you thin. Time. Time, time, time it always wins. The last guitar shop’s closing down on Haywood Rd. The owner was a weirdo, but those guitars had the tone. I don’t care what moves in, it just won’t be the same. I cannot slow the hands of time, nothing gold can stay. Time. Time, time, time’ll wear you thin. Time. Time, time, time it always wins.


" There’s a playfulness to the best old country songwriting, a kind of delight in turning a phrase, in surprising a listener. It’s a trick that Colorado Americana songwriter Jackson Emmer learned early on playing noisy bars in Aspen. Inspired equally by Tom Waits and Townes Van Zandt, Emmer weaves the kind of bittersweet, barroom ballads that Nashville songwriters used to fight over in the 70s. And if he understands the subtle humor of this old style of songwriting, it’s because he’s truly a student of American roots music. Emmer cut his teeth early on with Sam Moss, known for his American primitive guitar work, in the Appalachian old-time duo The Howling Kettles, and he’s studied everything from Guy Clark to Bob Wills. “In mainstream country today,” Emmer explains, “you stretch a sad feeling out for a whole song in a Disneyland kind of way. Classic country had these stories that pivot on small moments and little details. It comes out of nowhere. You think something’s going to go down smooth, but then there’s a sudden right hook.” On his new album, Jukebox, Emmer spins tales of love gone wrong around quick surprises and sucker punches, dancing like Roger Miller and stinging like John Prine. His voice has a bit of gravel in it, like a refurbished bar that still has a hint of cigarette smoke from years past, and his guitar shifts between electric chicken pickin’ and John Hurt fingerstyle. There’s an ease to Emmer’s music that comes from the joy he feels playing and writing great songs, and this ease draws the listener in, allowing them to see themselves in his songs.

It took a couple of tries to get Jukebox recorded, as Jackson Emmer was moving from Asheville, NC to Carbondale, CO. The key became bringing on a host of friends and recording at home. “I felt there was added life to be brought to the music when you had good company to record it with you,” Emmer says. “I had friends over and we recorded the whole thing in the living room and the bedroom.” The songs feel well lived-in, and the vibe is relaxed throughout; Emmer’s learned to avoid putting on airs, and this record is his way of making music just the way he likes it. Over the past years, he’s been moving around looking for home, going to college in Vermont, setting up in Asheville, but in the end, Carbondale called him back again. “Colorado is my home, this is what I sound like,” he says. “It’s tied to the mountains, the forests; it’s tied to the land. It’s inescapable so maybe embracing it is the real way to go. You don’t know where you’re from until you leave.” Writing songs over the past ten years, Emmer perfected his craft in Colorado bars where folks didn’t have many demands beyond “make us dance, make us happy.” The musical freedom let Emmer experiment with his songwriting, fine-tuning his songs to sneak up unawares on the listener.

To bring the final sound of the album together, Jackson Emmer looked up the recording engineer behind Guy Clark’s three last albums, Chris Latham, and recruited him to mix and master Jukebox. It’s this kind of reverence for the past and gleeful interest in the future that makes Emmer a fascinating artist. He’s not looking to recreate a bygone era, but to learn how to make music that compelling again. "

- Hearth Music


released April 27, 2018

Endless thanks to the 142 backers who supported this album via Kickstarter, and made this whole endeavor possible. Thank you, thank you.


Songs written by Jackson Emmer, unless otherwise noted.
Recorded in Asheville, NC and Carbondale, CO by Jackson Emmer.
Mixing and mastering by Chris Latham.

Jackson Emmer: voice, guitar, mandolin, bass.
Chris Rose: trumpet.
Grayson Wickel: fiddle.
Thor Davidsson: harmonica.
Ryan Lassiter: drums.

Released April 27th, 2018 via Lost Honey Records.
PR by Hearth Music.


all rights reserved


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